An Ode to Sardar Jaspal Singh Ji – “Kinne hi Gullaan Nu Mehka Gaye, Apni Rooh de Chaannre de Naal”.

With profound grief and a deep sense of sorrow, we received news of the untimely demise of our beloved Sardar Jaspal Singh Ji. Born on 12th March 1945 at Jarawalan, District Lyallpur, Pakistan, did his schooling from DPS, Mathura Road New Delhi and Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, he bid us adieu to join God’s heavenly abode, on 7th May 2017, leaving behind an unmatched persona with his Life being a testimony of his exceptional accomplishments.

Son of Sardar Mehtab Singh Ji and Sardarni Jasbeer Kaur Ji, he not only carried on their philanthropic and spiritual legacy, (which taught us that with diligence, sincerity, values, and goodness for all, you can at any age, build an empire), but he expanded and outshone the value-laden rich legacy, beyond all frontiers, leaving the world more beautiful and enriched. As we endeavor to tread their path, may God give us the strength, so that we live up to their name.

Saying that We Miss Him does not do justice to what we feel since with Sardar Jaspal Singh Ji’s departure a vacuum has been created which no-one can fill. With his powerful presence, he was a Pillar, a cementing force, not only for the entire family but the entire ‘kaum’ and society at large. A source of Strength, an Ocean of Love, he taught All, that relations, care, and warmth is greater than anything material and hence need to be continuously nurtured.

Accepting people as they are, he touched a chord with All Ages, being a Gem, True Friend, Guide, Teacher, perfect son, Protector, a Loving Parent, Devoted Husband, a dutiful Brother and Head of the Family. His hand protected and shielded All. Being an avid reader, Sardar Jaspal Singh Ji taught us that, we should Always be willing to learn since only a Good Student can be a Good Teacher. He walked an extra mile to reach out to others. One to whom all came for advice, support, and solutions. He was a go-getter with his zest for life and never – give – in attitude, a true inspiration for All. His balanced views, progressive thoughts, positive approach to life, ever smiling and helping hand, yet being an epitome of humility – All are irreplaceable.

Following his motto ‘ignite and awaken souls, he led the Sikh Panth as President of the Chief Khalsa Diwan and a Board member of Takht Sri Patna Sahib, however, he not only preached but also tread the path, of understanding each word of religion rather than blindly following it. His way of celebrating, was the entire family melodiously singing kirtan together, welcoming the dawn of New Year and Gurpurab. Revering Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, as ‘Jeevan Jaanch da Khazana’, he was not only a meticulous bearer of traditional standards but also taught us to reason stating, only that which stands the test of rationality can survive for posterity. He inspired innumerable lives with his foresight and principles.

Sardar Jaspal Singh Ji believed in giving back to society. Service to Humanity was ingrained in children as a Way of Life. Under his able guidance and leadership as Chairman, Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School (GNFCS) has been molded into an institution which is an embodiment of values and celebrates the culture of excellence. This year GNFCS has been ranked among the Top 5 Residential Schools in the Country. With his message to students, “Dare to Dream, Learn to Excel”, Sardar Jaspal Singh Ji was not only a great educationist and a visionary who strongly believed that education alone empowers a nation. He understood that children require, not only world-class professional education and facilities but also, balanced co-curricular activities alongside spiritual growth, to prepare them to face Life and excel in all spheres as global citizens. While mentoring students, he differentiated between wisdom and education and taught that true Education makes a person, above all ‘a Good Human Being’.

While leading both GNFCS as well as the expansive business empire under the aegis of Hindustan Refrigeration, he Always kept in mind the ones in need, those who couldn’t afford but were talented, he not only gave them free and affordable world-class education but also jobs. It is this humanity of his which sets him apart from all leading entrepreneurs of the world.

To say that we All Will Miss Him Forever is an understatement, while mourning his bereavement, we celebrate and salute his life, so rich and meaningful as he left his mark along the path he has tread. His fragrance and seeds are sown, his legacy and ideals by which he lived, will shine forever like a beacon in the sky, illuminating the path of Generations.

Words cannot express our anguish pain and sorrow. Held a special assembly today to salute and pay respect to our fatherly figure the most admired respected and loved person. Our richest Tribute to him would be that children and staff work to realize what was closest to his heart. Children’s welfare their health they attain academic excellence, excellence in games and sports obtain positions of rank. He often stated make them good human beings knowledge will follow later. A great educationist visionary and philanthropist live in our hearts and is our inspiration. We are very fortunate and blessed to be associated with a family so pure at heart. Seek your blessings to accomplish the goals. His word will always be our guiding force for the school to attain greater heights of glory. The children, workers, and staff convey their heartfelt condolences. May Parmatama Grant strength and courage to all the family to bear this irreparable loss. In grief GNFCS Family.

God bless all of us.