Sardarni Jasleen Kaur Ji

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

As a new era dawns in the history of the school, I pledge to carry forward the legacy of our Late Chairman Sardar Jaspal Singh Ji. It was his vision that has molded the school to be one of the top residential schools in the country. An educationist and visionary, his spirit shall continue to inspire us, and the bold initiatives taken by him shall benefit generations to come. Reminiscing about the history of this august institution which was founded on 23rd November 1969 in the memory of Guru Nanak Devji, on the historic occasion of his 500th Birth Anniversary celebrations. Let us take a brief moment to remember and honor our Founders Sardar Mehtab Singhji and Sardarni Jasbeer Kaur Ji (fondly addressed as Pitaji and Mataji) who made their dream of providing good quality career-oriented English medium education to children, come true.

My message is simple. We have a great foundation based on Service, Spirit, Leadership, and Character. Our future is before us and our aspirations are strong. We are ready for a new beginning. Our success at the national level is a part of Late Sardar Jaspal Singhji’s dream. He had a simple yet powerful vision to make this school one of the best schools in the country. Today we are certainly close to that goal. Let his courage determination and positive spirit be a lesson to us all. We are committed to continuous improvement. Our standards are high. Because of the talent of our students and the good quality work of our faculty we have become a school to reckon with.

Since its establishment, the school has made continuous efforts to realize its vision and mission to nurture ‘Lively, inquiring, discerning and creative students.’ The school rightly attaches importance to the pursuit of personal growth, aesthetic appreciation, positive outlook and tolerance for others as a priority. There are many definitions of education and there are many people who have expressed their views on it. To quote the Marquis of Halifax “Education is what remains after we have forgotten all that we learned in school.”His emphasis is on the civilizing and humanizing aspect, in other words, that of character formation.

The necessity is to train the students in our millennial classrooms, for real-life situations. Therefore I identify four pillars of education as:

Learning to Know
Learning to do
Learning to be
Learning to live together

Living together requires that we respect the rights and feelings of others.
I am grateful to the members of the governing body for their confidence in me. I am indebted to my three predecessors for all that they have done for the school. Each one of them has generously given me advice, wisdom, and support. Today we mark new beginnings by gathering in solidarity, we commit ourselves to the welfare of GNFCS and all it represents in its new phase. The vision of our Late Chairman Jaspal Singh Ji is a compass to steer by. Let us embrace our responsibilities. Let us take up our work joyfully. GNFCS is purely an institution for Learning. Learning that transmits the heritage of the millennia. Learning that shapes the future. Dear children while I congratulate you for your achievements I wish that you would continue to do your best in every sphere, with perseverance, commitment, and enjoyment.

May God Bless You All.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh.