Mrs. N.D Sawhney

Education indeed is the soul of a nation as it shapes its destiny. It is character building, life building and assimilation of fine ideas. It is a lifelong process, it would be wrong to treat it as a synonym for schooling through the foundation of the same is laid down during school life.

True quality education results in harmonious growth and prepares one for life. Let’s also not lose sight of the fact that there is so much to learn and so little do we know. This contrast is a great revelation of our own ignorance and limitation and in the true sense is real education. In fact, it mirrors our lack of knowledge and this awareness leads us to work harder towards greater heights.

The immortal lines of Sri Aurobindo sum up the true aim of education. It is not for our family, it is not to secure a good position, it is not to earn money and it is not to obtain a diploma that we study. We study to learn to know, to understand the world and for the sake of joy it gives us.

N.D. Sawhney