Late S Mehtab Singh ji &

Late Sdn Jasbir Kaur ji

Years ago S. Mehtab Singh felt that an essential growth to the community could come only through quality education and also realizing, that it had to be at an affordable cost and thus be available to all sections of society.He felt that every man and woman should accept individual responsibility for the survival of all. He set about bringing up Schools, where the curriculum was designed, to develop abilities and skills, (rather than memories) in children.

S. Mehtab Singh and Sardarni Jasbir Kaur laid emphasis on selfless service, rendered in a spirit of total devotion to the Guru (in whose sacred name the School is) and the True Lord. They enrolled the whole family and who all adorn the annals of the ‘Intellectual Heritage’, with their dedicated and pro-active beings.S. Mehtab Singh was an M.A. Economics from the Forman Christian College of Lahore and was selected for a fellowship at the London School of Economics. He conceptualized and actualized the mission of setting up quality meccas of education, and was the vision behind the setting up of Public Schools in the Sikh community besides Public Schools in Delhi, Jhansi, Kota, Dehradun, etc.

He shaped his vision with the spiritual leaders of his time and the outcome of which is the School at Bathinda, the Engineering College at Malout, the College of Nursing at Ludhiana and the Home for the Aged at Delhi. Sardarni Jasbir Kaur was a Graduate and Gyani from Rawalpindi and was a woman with a focused purpose and a doer and much attached to the traditions and richness of Sikh culture and the Guru’s thoughts. She inculcated a rich heritage of the Guru’s thoughts in her family and which has helped in continuing their vision.

Today, the Schools are chaired by S. Jaspal Singh who is ably assisted by the family, as well as, other Members of the Governing Body. The academic direction is well supported by Sardarni Amrit Kaur Sabharwal, a qualified & highly experienced academician.

GNFCS today devises new curriculum to teach concepts and not only subjects and builds the curriculum around three core concepts of:

•Awareness, • Honesty • Responsibility.

It is endeavoured to learn how to get along, become tolerant, not to hurt others and to see others as equal. FCS also endeavours to bring around the quality of believing in yourself and walking in dignity. We endeavour to teach what it means to be honest; we teach what it is to be responsible; we teach what it means to be aware of other people’s feelings and respectful of other people’s path. The Faculty is motivated to prepare a value-based curriculum and the wealth is in the question and not in the answer. Counselling effort is provided along with the parents. As a primary rule – in creating the child’s system of values and to encourage students from the earliest age, until the end of formal education, to aspire such values and to learn how to use them, apply them, function like them and yes, even to question them.
Sdn. Amrit Kaur Sabharwal S. Jaspal Singh.

1. To impart a broad-based education to boys and girls, so as to enable them, to become worthy and dynamic leaders; able to make a useful contribution, to the changing conditions, of this technologically advancing world.

2. To develop the physical, intellectual, cultural and spiritual aspects of child’s personality, so as to inculcate, sobering, practical and aesthetic sense, in order that he/she may lead the life of a successful and worthy citizen.

3. Particular attention is paid to the ethical and moral training of the students, in an endeavour, to develop in them a sense of initiative and responsibility; to teach them the value of social service, self-discipline, self-reliance; punctuality, cleanliness, loyalty, politeness, respect to seniors, courtesy to
servants, and the importance of games, physical fitness and sportsmanship, while at work and play.

4. The School aims at producing disciplined students, educated in mind, body and spirit and hence, best suited to serve their motherland and best fitted, to lead others by their example.

5. To encourage learning by providing a supportive environment for all religions, with Sikh values as central to the ethos of the school & its teachings.

6. In providing awareness to develop “Faith” & to cultivate the foundation of mutual respect & responsibilities.