10 Aug 2023

Hindi Recitation Juniors and Extempore Seniors

The Hindi recitation for juniors and extempore for seniors was held in Shangri-la on 10th May 2023. The activity is organised every year to develop the confidence and oratory skills of the students.

The topic for the senior extempore was: “Girls should enjoy the same rights as the boys”.   All the participants put forth their views and arguments confidently and to the best of their ability.

The Juniors were outstanding too. They recited beautiful poems on a wide variety of topics and won everyone’s hearts with their performance. They were highly appreciated by all three judges who even went on to say that they had a really tough time in awarding them marks. 

The Principal of the school Mr Anil Tewari also congratulated the students on their brilliant performance and encouraged the others also to overcome their stage fear and come forward to take part the next time. 

The results were as follows:

Junior RecitationSeniors Extempore
Miss Shivi JoshiNalwa1stMiss Anshita DhawanRanjit1st
Miss Aarika BansalAjit2ndMiss Sahej KaurNalwa2nd
Miss Gauri MalhotraAttari3rdMiss Kritika NiwasAjit3rd
Miss Anshika RaturiAjit4thMiss Ishpreet KaurNalwa4th



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