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Admission to the school is open to all, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The minimum age for admission to the school is 4+ years. Only students of good moral character are granted admission. While making a selection for admission, preference is given to,

(i) Students in the lower age group.
(ii) The brothers, sisters, and children of students, who had earlier passed out of this school.
(iii) Children coming from English medium schools, or having enough proficiency, in the English language, to receive instruction through the medium of English


Fee Structure and Annual Student Expense for Indian Students Download fee structure,

Fee Structure and Annual Student Expense for Foreign Students Download fee structure,

You can also email or use below form to know more regarding Fee Structure and Annual Student Expense.

OCI Card holders will have to pay fee meant for foreign students,

You may contact on following for more information.


Entrance test for all the classes is conducted in the first week of March in the school. In case the number of students seeking admission from a particular region is more than 20, an entrance test can be organized in Ludhiana, Kolkata and Delhi in the month of January and February. Parents can bring their wards to any of the centre nearest to their area.

Now you may bring your ward for an admission test at one of the below-mentioned venues according to your convenience.

Book your slot as soon as possible, a limited number of seats are available.


We appreciate your interest in Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School! Since 1969, GNFCS has attracted curious, energetic and passionate students to live and to learn in GNFCS. Admission to the School is open to all boys and girls above the age of 4 irrespective of social status, religion or nationality.