07 Oct 2017

Inter House Gurbani Sangeet Competition 2017

‘The Word Of Your bani Lord, is ambrosial nectar,

Hearing it again and again, I am elevated to the supreme heights’

The Founder Chairman Sardar Mehtabsingh ji had set a tradition for the Centonians, that they would learn Shabad Kirtan with great enthusiasm and present their skills in Inter-House Gurbani Sangeet Competition, like a kirtan darbar.  According to Sikh tradition Kirtan is the devotional singing of the praises of the Guru in melody and rhythm. Kirtan enables the individual to attune himself with the infinite. This year the Gurbani Sangeet Competition was held at Shangri-la on 7th October. The solo singers from both Vincent Hill and Shangri-la, sang shabads from the Guru Granth Sahib composed in nirdharit ragas. The boys sang Shabads like ‘Prabh  mero eit outh sada sahayee’, ‘Barse megh sakhi ghar paahun aaye’, Kar kripa vasahu mere hriday hoye sahayee aap’.  The girls presented shabads like ‘Man re haume chhod gumaan’, Jeevan tarab nivaar swami”and ‘Hau Kurbaaney Jao mehar wana hau kurbaney jao’.

The judges for the occasion were Ms Chand Tripathy, Mrs. Ranjit Kaur Chug. The melodious singing of the classical ragas by the students was highly appreciated by the judges. The judges were honoured by the Dean Mrs. N.D Sawhney and the Principal Mr. Anil Tewari. The Programme had commenced with the recitation of Jap ji Sahib. The Programme concluded with the Anand Sahib sung by the staff and students. The Ardas was made by Khushpreet Kaur. The Hukumnama was read by MrsRanjit Kaur followed by distribution of parshad.

The results was as follows:

Shangri-laVincent hill
Solo SingingSolo Singing
1stSukhmandeep KaurGarvjeet Singh
2ndRamanprit KaurShashank Vishwakarma
Group Singing    Group Singing    
1stNalwa HouseRanjit House
2ndRanjit HouseAjit House

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