10 Aug 2023


5th April, 2023

English Recitation and Declamation was the first literary event of the Academic session. The students participated in Inter house competition, which gave them an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence.

The Junior students recited wonderful poems and displayed perfection, expression, emotions, rhythm and music of words. Aarush Singh of Ranjit House stood first, Banveer Singh Kant of Ajit House secured the second position while Kavya Kumar of Nalwa House stood third in the competition.

The judges appreciated and applauded the performances of the participants. The second event was Senior English Declamation where students displayed their oratory skills by delivering speeches of famous personalities. It was a treat to hear from all the young orators and this event helped them overcome stage fear.

Parth Kapoor of Ranjit House stood first, Aditya Dhyani of Nalwa House stood second and Ram Kumar of Ajit House stood third in the competition.

Overall it was an enthralling experience for the participants, students and teachers.

The House positions were as follows:

Junior RecitationSenior Declamation
Ranjit House1stRanjit House1st
Nalwa House2ndNalwa House2nd
Attari House3rdAjit House3rd
Ajit House4thAttari House4th


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