21 Mar 2018

Mussoorie Mountain Festival: March 2018

The Mussoorie Mountain Festival was held at Woodstock School and was presented by HANFIL CENTRE on March 15th 16th & 17th. The festival commenced on the 15th with the screening of the film, ‘Land of Gods’ directed by Goran Paskaljevic. The film starring Victor Bannerjee was a fable set in a remote Himalayan Village based on the life of a native who has been wandering for 40 years. This was followed by an art exhibition where replicas of artworks spanning a period from Indus Valley Civilization to contemporary times were displayed. On the second day the traditional arts of Bhutan and the life of Pertemba Sherpa were presented.

The senior boys of GNFC School visited the festival on invitation. They witnessed a Book launch of a poetry book ‘Submerged Tehri’ the last poems a bilingual edition, presented by the staff of Landour Language School. They were present for a talk given by Dr Andrew Alter on Sound & Music making sense of Himalayan drumming. They observed a live demonstration of First Aid and a documentary on Snow Camping Expedition presented by students of Woodstock School. It was a day well spent by the Centonians who collected a lot of information on the Himalayan ecological landscape.

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