While we are all aware that uncertainty is a part of life but both the suddenness and quantum has hit us hard. Not only the business of running the school but each one of us has been deeply impacted by the loss.  The vacuum created by the passing away of our dear chairman SardarJaspalSinghji, friend and brother is impossible to fill. His love and vision for the progress of the school remain unmatched. He has left his mark on every aspect of the school be it academics, sports, providing health and food facilities, he strived to offer the best, to develop every dimension of the growing child’s personality. Above all keep alive the spiritual ethics which gives the courage to face the adversaries of life which are inevitable. Veerji wished every child to pursue his dreams with determination, utilizing every opportunity the school provides under the guidance of the teachers. He often said feel the fear but move on regardless without getting paralyzed. He also said, “Dear children you can change the world. Give purpose to your life. Education gives you emotional intelligence and emotional strength. Your purpose should be to serve, to collaborate, to bring people together, with your wealth of knowledge and culture help the communities to prosper.”

Veerji faced the challenges bravely with a smile on his face, his heart full of love for his GOD, getting strength from reciting Chaupai Sahib. He had discovered that in moments of extreme stress and helplessness chanting the Chaupai Sahib would come to his rescue. It never failed him. I offer Veerji’s words to you “Jeende Raho khush raho.” His concern for others was always above himself, a quality which earned him a special place in every heart. Everyone gained a lot from his progressive ideas felt motivated and inspired to move on. The hardest part of admiring, loving and respecting someone is to say goodbye. There is an end to all things no matter how much we want to hold on to them. We will take the BEST from you and all I can say is WE WILL MISS YOU.  Loving and loved may you go on your way, May God watch gently over you.